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Links to other Pages /Websites

We have provided many "hot links" to pages within this website and to other websites that we think will be of interest for our members.  A hot link is identifiable by the different colour of text and underline. For example: Clicking here takes you to classified ads of WBE residents.

When you click on a hot link to another page within our website you will notice an entirely new page open. This new page feature is for viewer convenience. When you finish viewing the link, we encourage you to close that page and work with only one page open from the website for any length of time. The reason is if you work with multiple pages of this website open, it only takes one of those pages to become inactive and that would result in your login being timed-out on all of the open pages, which you may not realize. If you are timed-out in the midst of writing on a page such as a personal ad or discussion forum, you will lose that data and be required to login and start over.  So remember, when you are finished with a link it is good practice to close it to avoid the frustration of a time-out.



Many of our pages allow you to create a hot link. As an example, this instruction will create a hot link in a posting to any listing page, such as "Slide shows and Photo Sharing Services" ; "Classified ads of WBE Residents"; and Lakeland Services to name a few. The following looks complicated but it is not. There is a lot of detail to guide people who may need it whereas many people can breeze through the process in seconds.

Step 1-You start by being logged in to the website.

Step 2- In this example we will open a new Classiified Ad of WBE under "Item for sale" and pretend we are selling a 60" LED 1080p Smart TV - 240Hz - Built in WiFi.  Click on "add a listing", populate the name box and complete an accurate description of the posting topic, in this case 60" Samsung Smart TV is good..

Step 3- Open a second tab to the right of the classified lisitng page, then Google "60" LED 1080p Smart TV - 240Hz - Built in WiFi ". Open that search item to the page we want to link in our post.. At the address bar you will see the unique internet address of this Samsung TV model 's that is:

Step 4- Place the cursor on that address line and highlight the address by either making a series or fast clicks or drag the cursor across the address while depressing the left click on your mouse. Whatever works for you. Once highlighted, right click then click on "copy".

Step 5- Return to the tab with our new listiing page for the TV ad. In the ad you can type something like "click here to see specs on the TV"

Step 6- now we create the link!  Highlight the word "here" in your listing, then you will see the two link symbols activate just to the bottom right of the "Font Family" in the toolbar above. One symbol breaks the link- ignore that. Click on the unbroken link symbol. and a box will appear. 

Step 7- In the "Link URL" line you will right click then click "paste".  That should paste the internet address of the Samsung TV page into that line. If nothing happened then you didn't copy the internet address correctly so repeat step 4 then return to step 7 until it works.

Step 8- on the "Target" line, click the "open in new window" option for the convenience of the readers.

Step 9- Click "Insert" at the bottom of the link box and you are now hot-linked as evideced by the word "here" that will take the reader to the desired page.