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Email Groups on website

Creating Groups

The Webmaster can create a Group for focused Blast email purposes by activity leaders who can use that  service and have authority that  will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Activity leaders are responsible for the initial membership selection and updating for new members.
  • The accounts of members who leave the park are deleted by  the Webmaster, including from Groups.
  • Residents must  be registered on the website to be included in a Group.

Initial Member Selection
  • From the admin screen, open the Groups page that  starts with the complete Alpha listing of all members.
  • Tick the box beside the name(s) of the members you want to add to your group (important to read below).
  • A drop down menu will appear; select the group you are adding the member(s) to.
  • To add multiple people you can continue to tick the boxes then select the group to add them all at once.
  • It is an easy intuitive process.

Person Icon Beside the Name
  • Some couples (lets call them Sam and Dave) share a common email  address creating a Full Member and a Partial  Member.
  • The website restricts the use of one email account to one member, assigning it to the Full Member (Sam).
  • The master list also includes Partial Members (Dave) who will have a human icon beside their  name.
  • The icon indicates the member does NOT have an email address.
  • If you simply select that  Partial member (Dave) for  your  group, they will NOT get your email Blasts.
  • When your selection involves a Partial member (Dave), you  can:
    • Select the Full Member with the email address (Sam) knowing they  share that email address.
    • Select both Full and Partial members in your group
      • the advantage being if the Partial member (Dave) eventually adopts their own email  account and edits their profile, the  Group system will automatically make that adjustment.
      • In that event, consider if  you have to delete the Full Member (Sam) from  your group.
Finding the Full Member when last names are Different
  • Go to the website's Community Directory
  • Search the Partial Member's name
  • The full account, primary member included, should be in the search results.