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Welcome to Woodbrook Estates of Beautiful Lakeland Florida

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        Welcome To The Woodbrook Estates HOA Website.

Woodbrook Estates is a vibrant, friendly, +55 community in beautiful Lakeland Florida nestled off of the I-4 between the cities of Tampa Bay and Orlando. You will find Woodbrook ideally located just a few minutes by car from major grocery stores; the upscale Lakeside Village Mall; and from the lively, safe downtown district.

Our safe and active community of double-wide manufactured homes is home to a mix of full-time residents and seasonal "snowbirds" from the northern United States and Canada. If you want more information about our wonderful park click here.


Website features that do not involve sensitive information are viewable without the need to login.  Residents complete a one-time registration and login to use more sensitive functions, such as our communications.

Renters are Encouraged to Register

We invite renters to join the HOA as Associate Members then register on this website, a process that must be renewed annually upon returning to Woodbrook in subsequent years.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for enhancements.