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Hurricane Preparedness

General Comment

Permanent residents are keenly aware of storm conditions that could affect Woodbrook. Their snowbird neighbors, who may seldom if ever be affected directly by those storms in their summer locales, are generally unaware of the daily developments beyond what they see and hear on the news. That does not mean they don't care or wouldn't like to be more informed, especially about how events are affecting Lakeland proper, Woodbrook Estates specifically.

Snowbird residents in particular must ensure that when they depart from the park that  they ensure their property is clear of unsecured items that can become dangerous projectiles in severe wind storms that are not necessarily hurricanes. Remember, even if Lakeland is spared severe hurricane force winds of 74mph and greater, the park and our yards can still be affected by winds in excess of 60 mph, for hours on end. Garden gnomes can penetrate the walls of a mobile home at  that speed and patio furniture left loose in a screen room can  also become a debris hazard. It is in everyone's best interest to do our best at mitigating the risk of potential  hazards, particularly during the hurricane season of June 1 to November 30.

National  Hurricane Center

Many residents are able to find more information via the Internet. For those of us who are less computer savvy, and the convince of everyone, the link below connects with the National Hurricane Center where we can follow news (somewhat technical but you catch the drift) about hurricane and tropical storms that have potential to impact the USA generally and more specifically Florida.

Storm Shelters

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Click here for emergency shelter information.