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Login / Forgot password etc

When you login the first time you will see this section after the password box:

Remember Me Forgot Username / Password?

When you click on the "remember me" box your computer should automatically populate the user name and password boxes on future logins.

The user name is always your email  address but the password is seen as a series of dots. The risk with this convenience is you may eventually forget the password and if your computer stops remembering it as well and you will have to manually enter that info to complete the login process. So write it  down somewhere you can find it!

Help! I can't login!

If you can't login, in all probability you have forgotten your username, and/or password. Your  email  address is your  user name!  DO NOT RE-REGISTER because the system will reject  the attempt recognizing the email address is already in  use.!  If you changed your email address subsequent to registering, you must login with the old email address. First, check to make sure your "Caps Lock" is not turned on because your password details are caps sensitive. If it was on, then turn off and try again. If you  can't  remember your password under that  old email address and if  you  can't access your old email address, you  need to  re-register

If you still can't login, simply click on "forgot Password" ; fill in your email info; submit, then you will be quickly sent an email bearing a link to change your password. The system will  not  accept  a new password until you see a green line form.

My login details are correct and I still can't login!

If you still have trouble after re-setting your  password, go to the "contact us" page and give the webmaster another mystery to solve. It is how we all learn together!