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IRS form 8840

Click here for link to IRS for Form 8840

If you print directly from the website screen you might find the form is very small print. If you have Adobe software, and most of you do, you can click on the "download" command icon at the top right side of the website  page, select "open", and you can print from that screen in full size text.

Click here  for info from the Customs and Border Protection website re Candians Visiting the USA. A word of caution however, we have hard evidence that despite what the publicattion says  a customs agent can place a time requirement for resetting the travel clock:

"There is no set period of time Canadians must wait to reenter the U.S. after the end of their stay, but if it appears to the CBP Officer that the person applying for entry is spending more time over-all in the U.S. than in Canada, it will be up to the traveler to prove to the officer that they are not de-facto U.S. residents."

The source of conflict may be indcated in this information taken from the Visa Waiver Program section of the  CBA website. The VWP is a 90-day program for everyone except Canadians for whom it is "up to six months".  You could interpret there is room for CBP officer discretion about travel clock resetting suggested in this paragraph:

If the CBP Officer thinks you are trying to "reset" the clock by making a short trip out of the U.S. and re-entering for another 90-day period (editor's coment- 6 months for Canadians), you can be denied entry. (If that happens, you will have to obtain a visa for any future travel to the U.S.) In order to be re-admitted to the U.S. shortly after a previous admission expired, you will have to convince a CBP Officer that you are not trying to "game" the system.