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Member Classified Ads

Only registered members who are logged in can place a classified ad, and those members must remove the ad once the item is no longer available for sale.

Depending on what  your ad is about and the time frame you have, a discussion forum topic may be a better option. If you have an immediate need to  obtain or sell  something, create a discussion forum topic. You can also place an ad if you do not get immediate results because discussion topics have a short life span while ads are ongoing.

To place an ad:

  1. Click Classified Ad button on home page, or, login, click on Classified Ads of Residents
  2. Click on add a listing
  3. Complete the Title, Listing Text.  and contact info. Please ensure the title reflects the item that is for sale, ie: 1955 Corvette
  4. Tag your listing with whatever seems ok,  use "Other" if unsure.
  5. Add picture (optional). As at January 2017 we are limited to only one photo! Another option is to use a cloud based photo program, such as One Drive, or Youtube, and put link info to that service in your ad.

Click "Post" because If you miss that step you will lose all your ad information and have to start over.


To remove an ad, login, go to your ad on the listing page and click on "view". Go to the bottom of your ad and click on delete . If you notice an ad that  you know is obsolete, encourage the person who placed the ad to delete it, or advise the webmaster the details. Generally, ads will be deleted after 3 months and will  have to be renewed if still needed.

If you have any problem with this function ask a neighbour who may be more familiar with using computers or contact the webmaster.

If you want to include a link to another website in your ad, copy the website address and paste it into your ad. Hyperlinks are no longer possible.
Consider these tips based on observation: