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Renter info about park

Welcome Renters!


The Woodbrook Estates community welcomes renters seeking an exciting season of warm winter enjoyment of the many activities that the park, Lakeland and the surrounding counties and cities have to offer. Many renters (owners too) are amazed to discover that in a matter of months they know more people here than they do back home, and develop many lasting friendships in the process!

Chances are that you will realize a few months here will not be enough! Fair warning, every season some renters find themselves buying a home here to guarantee their accommodations, and to satisfy their nesting urges and desire to spend more time with their new friends in the years to come!

Renters are typically returnees, former owners , or friends/family of other residents. This section serves as a reminder to some, and guidance to others to help understand the rules expected of all of us, and how things work around the park.

Our park manager's office is your point of contact for common community property and rule enforcement. See them when you have a rule-related issue, want to book a clubhouse for a special event, or want to view a home they have listed for sale!

If you encounter a problem with your house, or yard, contact your rental owner, this is not a park manager’s responsibility. 

The Woodbrook Home Owners Association encourages and supports leaders of park activities. You can learn about those activities from our website (see menu); the montly Bulletin (paper and electronic); weekly Tuesday morning coffee meetings, and bulletin boards at both community centres. If you want to start a new activity, consult with your district director first because the HOA must consider budget implications of any and ensure our insurance coverage will extend to that activity.

Renters are encouraged to become Social HOA members at the nominal annual fee of $10 per household. What do you get? Everything a homeowner gets minus the ability to attend Board meetings and vote that is their exclusive right as owner. As social members Renters can participate in social functions; have full website access; and receive the monthly Bulletin.

How do you become a member? By contacting your director listed in our community phone directory; on the website (click  here) under HOA Board on the menu; or ask your neighbour. Chances are your director may find you before you find them.



WBE is a senior-adult manufactured home community. Residency is limited to persons of age 55 or older

Purchase of WBE home must be approved by the Park Owner prior to its sale.

Residents will maintain their lots and lawns in good condition (including trees and plantings). All homes must be kept clean and in good repair.

Keep restrooms and Park facilities neat and orderly. Recreation hall laundry, kitchens, and equipment must be left clean after use.

Temporary guests (including children) must be registered at the Office and must obey the WBE rules. Residents are responsible for their guests. When using WBE recreational facilities all children must be accompanied by park Resident.

Do not play radios, TVs, etc. so loud that they disturb neighbors. No very loud or unreasonable noise between 10:00 PM and 8:00 am.

Vehicle parking on lawns is prohibited except in a designated area near the north community center. Our 15 mph speed limit must be observed. Trailers, RVs, Boats, trucks (other than passenger pickup trucks), and large equipment may not be stored on a lot or left on the street overnight.

Limit of two house pets of permissible size. Pets must be on a leash or restrained when outside the owner's yard. Owners must pick up and dispose of pet waste.

Rules for the pool and other recreational areas must be observed.

Renting or any WBE home requires written approval of the Park Owner.

Renters must meet the same requirements as the residents.


1. Persons using the Woodbrook pools do so at their own risk.
2. All persons must shower before entering the pool.
3. Our pools are for the private use of residents and registered guests.
4. All guests must be accompanied by an adult park resident, unless special permission is received from the Park Manager. Residents are responsible
for their guests' conduct at all times.
5. No smoking in the pool area.
6. No jumping and no diving into the pool.
7. Diapered children and those under 3 are not permitted in the pool areas.
8. Pets, food, beverages, and bicycles not allowed in the pool areas.
9. No balls, inflatable toys, air mattresses etc. allowed in the pools.
10 Running and unnecessary noise are not permitted around the pools.
11. Bathing suits are required. NO cut-offs are allowed in the pools.
12. Do not use soap or shampoo in the showers (slipping hazard).
13. Children under 12 must have an adult supervision in the spa (hot tub