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Classified Ads of Residents


You can upload one picture to your ad if you wish!

To view ads for specific categories, you can type into the search box words that would identify those categories, such as:
Homes for sale; items; wanted; etc.

Classified ads are for  services offered or items for sale.  If you have an urgent requirement for information that is not really a classified ad, please create a Discussion Topic that will be emailed to most of our residents who can provide you with an immediate response with a simply click of the reply  button.

Hi folks, I need your cooperation.

I have had three people comment this last week how contacts with some residents seeking rentals for friends or selling an item, have revealed the ads were no longer applicable. Unfortunately, I have heard similar comments before.

Our Classified Ad page is one of the top-ranked viewed pages on your website. People are interested in your listings; however, if classifieds get a reputation of being out dated, residents may eventually learn to ignore them.

I have occasionally emailed residents to confirm their ad status, but frankly, that is too time-consuming for what usually amounts to identifying outdated ads that require deletion. Therefore, here is how classifieds will be administered going forward:

  1. I will not be confirming ad status a matter of practice.
  2. I ask residents who presently have Classified Ads on the website to review and where appropriate delete them.
  3. If the Classified item is still available after 90 days, or beyond the date mentioned in your ad, please edit your ad and indicate the edit date.
  4. Please manage your classifieds to keep them current in the future.
  5. If your Classified contact reveals an obsolete ad, remind the resident to delete the ad. If possible, please let me know here so I can delete it if needed.
  6. If complaints continue, then we may have to adopt a firm expiry date on ads after which they will be deleted without notice