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Getting Duplicate or No Emails?

There are many email providers, computers, anti-virus options, routers, modems, and who really knows what else out there that can cause problems for us that seem impossible to understand. Emails, when not working like they should, can present a mystery that requires a seemingly impossible at times solution

A) Getting Duplicate Emails?

If you are occasionally getting duplicate emails from the website, that is because you registered using the same email addresses in more than one box. For example, where two spouses share the same email address. The Training and User Guide says not to duplicate the email registration, but most people do not read instruction. You can eliminate duplication of incoming emails by editing your account profile, the how-to for which can be found in the Training and User guide.

B) Not Getting Website Generated Emails? 

If you do not get any emails from the website, you have a problem.

First, check your profile basic information and make sure you registered using the correct email address! If you made a single error in recording that address you will never get emails via the website.

Second, if the address is correct, check your profile contact preferences to make sure both boxes are ticked that permit sending you emails.

Third, if the first two are ok your problem may reflect your email account either routing emails to your Junk file, or worse, blocking them entirely. Gmail and Icloud accounts seem to be the most frequent offenders.

You should always check your Junk file as legit emails can wnd up in there, and at some point you want to delete those files knowing they were indeed Junk. Whether Junk or blocked, the solution is usually as simple as creating an email contact for the website: [email protected]

It may take a day for the contact to become effective, but it almost always works. The worst case scenario so far is that website emails continued to be delivered to the Junk file despte efforts to correct. That issue could require greater expertise to fix for you than we have at our fingertips. You may have to contact your email provider to find a solution.


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