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Registration, update Profile

New registrants are vetted by the administrator to ensure that only Woodbrook residents have login access. New residents may not be verifiable to our telephone registry in which case the administrator must take extra steps to confirm eligibility, which can delay the approval process.

For new registrations, click on "register" at the top right of the home page and the following page will appear.


Select homeowner or renter as appropriate. 
Owner or renter must be selected. Renters must be social HOA members, annual dues $10 (subject to change). If any questions contact the webmaster.


The username is the registrant's email address. This address must be correct because if you input incorrectly it will be recorded but you will not receive any communications via the website.


The password is case sensitive. Write it down somewhere! As you start typing your password you will notice a colour bar that starts off red, turns orange and once it is deemed safe enough, green. The website will only accept your password when it gets the green light! 

Name- Self explanatory.

Address- Unit  Number is your Lot number.  Simply enter the number, do not type in any other words!

While not required we encourage you to record your Florida phone number to make the directory as complete as possible. Numbers will not be shared outside of this website and will only be viewed by logged-in residents of our community.

Joint Member Information and Password Setting

While not required, we encourage completion of this information unless the spouse registers their account separately. If you and spouse share a common email address select Joint Member (no email). If you select "Joint member "and both parties record the same email address the system will reject it.

Only select  the "Joint Member) option where the joint  member has their own distinct email. If at  a later date you wish to add a spouse's email: login: click on the arrow beside your name, top right: open Account Settings: click on Member: and edit the info for the spouse to include their email  address.

The spouse (Joint  member), whose login will be their email address, will require their own  password. To create  a password they will click on "forget password" on the login page, complete the resulting request for email  address, then follow the  resulting email instructions from HOAE for  establishing a password.

Cell Phone Numbers


Alternate Home Info

For registrants with multiple residences outside of WBE we encourage completion of this information to facilitate contacting you if necessary when you are not in Florida.

If any of the required areas are incomplete, you will be prompted to correct or complete the required information to finish the process. 

If you still have problems completing the registration, contact the webmaster and we will get the process completed together.

After you receive a confirmation email that  your registration has been approved, you can login.

To receive Discussion Topic emails that  are central to  our community communications you must take two minutes and follow these four easy steps:

1) Log into the website and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.
2) From the drop-down menu, select "Member settings."
3) Click on the "Contact" tab, scroll down to "Receive instant email notifications for..." and check the box for "New Forum Topics". (We don't recommend ticking the second box to receive Forum Comment emails).
4) Click "save" at the bottom of the page.

Change of Basic Info, add Profile Info, add Photo

Members must make changes to their profile and settings because the webmaster does not have that authority. Basic information is required, while Profile, Privacy,  and  Contact details are in a default state and other than for Topic Discussions addressed above, do not require completion. However, if you want to change any of those details, or take an option other than the default one:
  • click on the arrow beside your name near the top right side of the page, and go to the area within Account or Member settings that requires change.  For example:
    • to change your email address, go to the General tab within Account  Settings, then edit your email address.
    • To change phone number click on Account settings, click on the edit  icon beside your address  then change your phone number.
  • After making your changes you must  click on "save address" .
To add a picture:

  • Click on Member settings
  • Click on "Profile".
  • Click on upload new photo; browse your photos; click on the desired photo, click on "open" at which point the photo will be uploaded to your account and will appear in the community directory.
  • Click Save! If any problem contact  [email protected]


In the Account Settings  section:
  • Click on "Members"
  • Click on "+Add Household member", select pet option and complete name
  • Click on upload new photo follow direction
  • Click Save. You will now find you pet on the Pets at Woodbrook page found in the Photo gallery on the menu.   

Member Settings - Privacy  

Members can elect to show or hide phone number, email, or both by clicking on the appropriate selection. 

Member Settings- Contact

Contact information is set website-wide as a default to ensure members get email information in a controlled fashion. However, it is possible to edit your contact information to prevent you from getting any emails from the website.

  • Click on  Member Settings
  • Click on Contact
  • Untick any box that you think appropriate.

Deleting Your Account
  • Click on Account Settings, scroll to bottom of page
  • Click on delete account