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Rental offered or wanted

Traditionally, people who wanted to rent put their wish on a card on a bulletin board at the NCC and SCC, crowded with dozens of similar requests, with no assurance their card would not be removed by someone, or once a rental was found. Ironically, the greatest probability for a home to become available for rent will come from a snowbird who is far removed from the bulletin boards and has no idea who is listed there. Even more ironic is to see an occasional card posted by someone looking for a renter, seemingly ignoring those people who posted a card looking for a rental!

This page offers renters certainty that their ad will not be removed and can be seen from anywhere. Unlike the card system, ads posted on  this page are by HOA members, that should translate to low risk.
This page should offer homeowners a easy to read condensed list of low risk prospects, if there is take-up by renters.

Hopefully homeowners will only post their home available for rent in the event that listed prospects do not pan out for some reason. Ads must be deleted once the rental need has been filled to prevent the page from becoming ineffective.