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Facebook, Ipad, etc tutorials

for Skype guidance Click here

for IPAD  tutorial app Click here

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for How to make a call with Facebook Messenger Click here


Facebook is a widely used social media service that is reported to be to the most extensively used service on the internet. Many WBE residents use Faceook to keep in touch with family and friends, and many of those WBE residents are Facebook "friends".

I have been asked by a number of residents if someone could provide lessons about how to use Facebook (FB). While a great idea, the skill levels within our park are wide and while some people know more than others about how  to use FB, it is difficult to know who woud be best quaified to teach anyone about the service. If anyone feels they have the level of knowledge needed to teach let me know and we can arrange sessions.

Youtube is familiar to  most if not all of our computer-using residents. If anyone wants to know how to do  something, there is a high probability that a Youtube  search for how to do that something will reveal results  for your consderation.  Unfortunately, many Facebook related videos are of questionable value as I looked at several of the videos and found they can range from not applicable, to amaturish, to professional.

For those people who want basic how-to information, this video that  runs 10 minutes should prove informative. The right side of the Youtube screen may show other videos that could be of interest  to you. Check them out if they look promissing, but move onto another video if it proves disappointing. Above all, have fun while learning.

Larry Larke