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Membership Definitions

Every registrant is classified as either a Homeowner full-time, Homeowner snowbird or renter. From there they are either Full Member with an assigned email address, or Partial Member without an assigned email address. A typical example is a couple who share a common email  address so one person will be the full member and the other a partial member. Only one email address can be assigned to one member registration. 

What do these distinctions mean?

Many couples share an email address, which will be assigned to  the primary or Full Member  registrant. Website generated emails are sent to the name of  the Full Member, but the Partial member who shares the email address will see them. The three main implications of a shared email address are:
  1. Email communications from/to the account will be from/to the name of the Full member.
  2. When an activity leader wants to add a member to  a group list for Blast purposes, but that member is only a Partial Member, the leader must know to select the Full Member or emails will not be delivered.
  3. If a Full Member passes or becomes unable to operate the account, the partial member should contact  the webmaster for guidance on how to  become the Full Member.