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Membership Definitions

Every person is now classified as either a Full Member, or Partial Member. Email addresses are key to determining classification as only one address can be assigned to one member. 

FULL MEMBER: A Full member has an assigned email address. Upon conversion to 3.0, registrants with email  address attached to their  account were converted to Full Membership classification. Couples who register using separate email addresses, will each be Full Members who have complete access to website functions.
If a couple registers using one shared email address, only the first person recorded is assigned that email address and is the Full Member in the household. The second person does not have an assigned email  address.

PARTIAL MEMBER: A Partial Member does not have an assigned email address. Partial members are unable to  login and only have basic access to website features, no ability to communicate from their account. They will have to login using the Full Member's account to access features restricted to Full Members.  We encourage every member to register with their own email address

What do these distinctions mean?

Full Members have access to  all restricted access pages that  require login,  while Partial Members have no access.

Let’s say Jack and Diane jointly register on the website but they want to use a shared email address and password that they would login with. They can't.

The registration starts by recording the name of the primary member, their email address, and password; let's say it is Diane, who will be a Full Member with full login access.  Diane will next select additional household members, and designate Jack a partial  member, unless he has a seperate email  address in which case he will be a Full Member.  Full Member who will carry on using the same login and password as before. Diane’s name will not appear on his membership. All emails generated from the website will be addressed to Jack, which Diane will still be able to view of course, and posts created under Jack’s membership will not reflect Diane’s name.

Because an email address can only be assigned to one member under 3.0 ( it will reject any duplication) Diane is now classified as a Partial Member, meaning she cannot create discussion topics, or respond to any communications under her name. Diane’s account will be unable to send emails using the community directory and others will not be able to send her email as well from the directory, unless they know to send it to Jack.

Diane’s options include creating her own email address now or in the future, then editing her profile to become a Full Member and have complete use of the website under her name. Or, she can simply use Jack’s membership account, noting her name on any posts she makes.