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Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary meets every Monday at 12:30 p.m. in the NCC. Every lady in the park is welcome at our meetings. Drop in any Monday to see what we're up to. Our Presidency this year is being shared by Sally Matthews and Bev Schindler, two very busy ladies who encourage all of us to be active and involved. By sponsoring such events as the annual 50th Anniversary Celebration, and Christmas tea, we encourage women to build friendships among their fellow Woodbrook residents.

We also plan and offer trips to residents who want to share activities beyond the park.

Lee Rozon is our Tours and Travel coordinator and is doing an outstanding job.  To see all that Lee has done, please visit the site under labeled “Tours & Travel by Ladies Auxiliary"

Upcoming activities sponsored by the

March 6,2022 -- 50th Anniversary Celebration

Our cookbook is also  a memory Book. Be sure and get one with all your friends recipes in it. They are just $10 each and can be purchased most coffee hours at the NCC or from Susan Franzen in unit 431. This book is not just about recipes, but like everything at Woodbrook it is about celebrating friends and neighbours who have contributed to this wonderful book.