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SB818 Concerns

Document explaining  some SB 818 concerns


Our FMO Rep, Ron Rulon, has consistently urged homeowners to join the FMO because it is recognized by the politicians in Tallahassee as the collective voice of Florida mobile home owners. Ron also consistently expressed concern for homeowners’ ability to retain the lifestyle they enjoy in parks should the FMO lose that recognition.

As a matter of process to mitigate conflict, the Florida Legislature would not consider a proposed bill dealing with changes to Florida Statute 723 unless it was mutually agreed to by the FMO and the FMHA (park owners’ rep). That process gave us reasonable assurance that changes were not one-sided and our interests were being protected.

 Ron’s concern for loss of recognition of the FMO by politicians and risk to our lifestyle may be materializing. The requirement for mutual agreement to proposed 723 changes this session has been dropped by the Legislators who are processing a one-sided  FMHA drafted Bill (SB 818).  This Bill includes some highly objectionable changes rejected by the FMO that are not in the homeowners’ interest. Undeterred, the FMHA secured Bill sponsorship from Senator Ed Hooper, (R-Clearwater) and it will proceed through the legislative process regardless of FMO objections.  

Click here to find the prepared email opposing SB818. You simply tick all of the boxes for the senators and complete your details. In the message box you can type "I strongly oppose SB 818 and ask that you vote no." Click on submit and each Senator should get your email.

 We homeowners are being called to action by the FMO to object to SB818 sponsored by Senator Ed Hooper, (R-Clearwater)

This anti-homeowner bill is very alarming to homeowners and will negatively impact our standard of living. Many of us are retired or unable to move and we need affordable housing. When we chose a mobile/manufactured home community as our lifestyle, the park or community owner made promises about living in his park.

This anti-homeowner bill basically gives the park owner permission to ignore many of the promises and guarantees he made and that we are paying for. There are so many upsetting parts to this bill and these are just a few of them:

  • Removes the right to assume a lease and receive the initial prospectus that goes with the lot in accordance with the DBPR decision in 2011 and upheld on appeal.

  • Permits adding an unlimited number of units to a park with no requirement to increase or add amenities for the new units. This would dramatically affect our pool, clubhouse, exercise area, or game area.


  • Permits changing the current prospectus without disclosure to homeowners.


  • Permits them to be able to have new residents sign for an integrated prospectus which was not approved by the DBPR and not one presently approved for your park.


  • Requires a new buyer to make changes prior to occupying the home which should be purchased as is. Resales may become impossible.


  • Removes the requirement for certified mail if there is an eviction notice.


  • Permits one notice of all rent increases regardless of the anniversary date which will be too confusing.


  • Prohibits an experienced negotiator or attorney from attending the negotiating committee meeting.


Details of the Bill are found here:

Click here to find the prepared email page opposing SB 818. You simply tick all of the boxes for the senators and complete your details. In the message box you can type "I strongly oppose SB 818 and ask that you vote no." Click on submit and each Senator should get your email.

If you want to phone the Senators you  will also find their numbers on that page.

FMO is the only statewide advocate for your homeowner rights and the only “GATEKEEPER” of FS 723. Without their advocacy and protection of FS 723, mobile/manufactured homeowners will be slowly and painfully stripped of their statutory “protective clothing”. If that happens, the “naked” truth of the park/community owners’ intent will then have been realized. The FMHA will have free reign to “GUT” FS 723. All the harmful content in this communication is only the beginning.  If you are not an FMO member please join to help fund the cost of this fight and add to their membership numbers that gives us political leverage!  See or call Ron Rulon.