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SB 818 &998 opposition letter

You can phone the  senators listed below if you want, but your opposition to SB 818 and SB998 will be sent via email through to:
  1. Senator Hooper: [email protected] (727-771-2102)
  2. Senate President [email protected]
  3. Senate Chair of Innovation, Industry & Technology, Senator Wilton Simpson:: [email protected] (352-688-5077 )
  4. Senators on the Innovation, Industry & Technology Committee::

Senator Benacquisto: 239-338-2570 [email protected]

 Senator Bracy: 407-297-2045 [email protected]

 Senator Bradley: 904-278-2085 [email protected]

 Senator Brandes: 727-563-2100 [email protected]

 Senator Braynon: 305-654-7150 [email protected]

 Senator Farmer: 954-467-4227 [email protected]

 Senator Gibson: 904-359-2553 [email protected]

 Senator Hutson: 386-446-7610 [email protected]

 Senator Passidomo: 239-417-6205 [email protected]

Senator Darryl 727-822-6828   [email protected]

Senator Stargel: 863-668-3028
[email protected]

You can email the Senators using one of  two methods:

Option 1. You can email them from your own personal email  account. Simply highlight the entire body of email  addresses below, copy then paste into  your "send to"  box. For subject type "say no to SB 818" and as for your message, you can copy the below section in red if you prefer not to author your own message.

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected]; [email protected][email protected].gov; [email protected]

Option 2. Instructions for completing the form below:
- Type your name, email address and phone number, visible to the recipients
- If spouses have separate email addresses complete and submit two forms

- Highlight the area in red below, then copy and paste into the Message box.
- If you do not know how to copy and paste, type the following into the message box:
          Say no to SB 818 AND SB998 that are terrible for homeowners in Florida Statute 723 communities.
- For "Chose Recipient", click the box beside each of the Senator names
- Click submit to send your message

sponsored by Senator Ed Hooper, (R-Clearwater), and SB998 sponsored by Senator Hutson

The FMHA has filed a terrible anti-homeowner bill!! (Senate Bill 818)  that is very alarming to homeowners and will negatively impact our standard of living. Many of us are retired or unable to move and we need affordable housing.

When we chose a mobile/manufactured home community as our lifestyle, the park or community owner made promises about living in his park. This anti-homeowner bill basically gives the park owner permission to ignore many of the promises and guarantees he made and that we are paying for. There are so many upsetting parts to this bill and these are just a few of them:

  • Removes the right to assume a lease and receive the initial prospectus that goes with the lot in accordance with the DBPR decision in 2011 and upheld on appeal.
  • Permits adding an unlimited number of units to a park with no requirement to increase or add amenities for the new units. This would dramatically affect our pool, clubhouse, exercise area, or game area.
  • Permits changing the current prospectus without disclosure to homeowners.
  • Permits them to be able to have new residents sign for an integrated prospectus which was not approved by the DBPR and not one presently approved for your park.
  • Requires a new buyer to make changes prior to occupying the home which should be purchased as is. Resales may become impossible.
  • Removes the requirement for certified mail if there is an eviction notice.
  • Permits one notice of all rent increases regardless of the anniversary date which will be too confusing.
  • Prohibits an experienced negotiator or attorney from attending the negotiating committee meeting.

This bill will cause so much upheaval and unhappiness. We have more faith in the Legislature than to let this happen to our Seniors, Veterans, and all those of us living on fixed incomes.

We also encourage legislators to reinstate the tradition of requiring Bills involving Mobile and Manufactured home owners renting in parks to be presented only once agreed to by both the FMO and FMHA. That  agreement avoids the conflict SB818 presents to all concerned. If we must  support a Bill it would be SB1022 put forward by the FMO designed to protect home owners who rent in Mobile and Manufactured Home communities.


PLEASE VOTE YES for SB1022 sponsored by Senator  Rouson